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You may have heard of the Philips UID8530 wall-mount DMX512 controller. It can control separate luminaires with different color temperatures (channels 1 to 422), but also luminaires with adjustable color temperature (channel 423 and above). In case you could never find luminaires with adjustable color temperature, our Regulus smart luminaires are just that and they work just fine with the UID8530.

Contact us if you need more info.


Our YHO70 bulbs have earned the Smile MIT Logo, a certificate for quality and performance.


While this logo was made for the Taiwanese market, it is an indicator for a quality product. Contact us for more information.

Yuehsin Electronics will participate in the 26th (2014) Taipei International Building, Construction & Decoration Exhibition, which takes places 12/11-14. You can find us in the World Trade Center near 101 at booth B216. Our focus will be on demonstrating the advantages of our Regulus smart lighting series, including new models, as well as a few light sources with very low color temperatures of 2400K and 2100K.

If you have a few minutes, just drop by, try our smart luminaires and enjoy the light show they perform!