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We are proud to announce that as of now we offer three years warranty on most of our current LED products. More specificly, only the Adara series is excluded as of this time.

We know that lifetime figures of 40,000 or more hours look impressive. We also know that in most cases those figures are not very realistic. And it is no secret that many consumers are not very happy with the advertisement of enormous lifetimes, while at the same time the manufacturers only offer the most basic warranty.

In our datasheets we "only" guarantee a lifetime of 25,000 hours for most of our products, but that time we do indeed guarantee. If running 24 hours a day, a bulb would need 2.85 years to reach that lifetime, so we thought we offer you three years of warranty on our LED products.

Since products phase out or are newly developed over time, please contact our sales department for specific information on which current models/series are offered with this extended warranty.