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During Taipeibex 2015, the Regulus lights in one half of our booth were doing "regular" lighting, while those in the other half (the "bar area") were doing disco, adjusting their brightness and colour temperature to music. Here you can see them performing to "Click" by Necros, with each light representing an instrument.


For this year's Taipei Building Materials Trade Show we simulated two areas of use for our Regulus smart lights, a living room and a bar. While the lights in the living room were controlled through a wall-mounted panel providing scene settings common for such environment, a computer ran light shows in the bar area, showing that our lights can do both, "regular" lighting and "disco".


We like to thank all visitors showing interest in our products, we will do our best to fulfill your needs!


If you are in Taipei next week, we would like to welcome you to our WTC booth B222 at this year's Taipei International Building Materials Show. We will showcase our smart lighting system, which allows to set brightness and colour temperature individually for each light, in two simulated environments. Btw, did you know that our system can integrate regular lights? Now you do! This offers greater flexibility for interior designers.

If you visit us, you can also witness another capability of our lights: While our Regulus lights are perfectly handling regular lighting, you can use them for disco too! The whole system responds so quickly that we can control our lights synced to music - individually synced even! So drop by if you want to either relax on our couch and play with the lighting control panel or sit at our bar and enjoy the light show.