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We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at the Taiwan International Lighting Show this year. Those were four exciting and productive days that allowed us to demonstrate our products and understand your needs better. I hope we will all stay in touch and perhaps we can meet again next year, with new products.

TILS 2014

LED lighting products are said to be very efficient, the truth is however that their efficacy covers a very wide range, starting at less than 50lm/W and going up to sometimes over 100lm/W, depending on the product. For globe bulbs, achieving a high efficacy is not easy, because quite a bit of LED power is concentrated in a small area, with only small heat sinks to dissipate the heat.

Enter Pollux, a globe bulb delivering 100lm of light for each watt of power it consumes. It achieves this efficacy through a number of measures, an important one being its patent-pending heat dissipation structure, allowing air to to take heat away right where it was created. The angle at which the bulb is installed can not impede this functionality, air will always be flowing where it is needed.

Full voltage coverage (100-240V) and omnidirectional light emission are just a bonus for everyone who is interested in saving energy. If you are energy-concious, Pollux may be the bulb you have always been looking for.