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Smart lighting is nice: It is convenient. It can help you consume less energy. But there is one more thing it can be: Entertaining.

Smart luminaires come with an interface, through which they are controlled. So, why not use music to control them? This is exactly what we did during this year's lighting show, either through manual sequences accompanied by music, or directly through the sound volume of a song's instruments. Here are two short examples of how that looks like:

Yuehsin Electronics' Regulus line of smart luminaires enables the end user to adjust the color temperature to any value between the luminaires' upper and lower limits, allowing them to create any kind of lighting environment they need. This ability has now been extended.

Starting with Regulus D3 and D4, the smart luminaires will now be able to cover any color temperature ranging from 2700K to 6500K. And not just that: While the first Regulus downlights exhibited the common phenomenon of higher LED efficacy towards higher color temperatures, the new downlights will keep efficacy consistent throughout their CCT range. This means that not only power will be steady during color temperature changes, now also the light output will remain the same.


After the first models adding a new dimension to lighting, the new Regulus models consolidate and set the bar high for further products in this area.