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Many people probably think that in a room one needs to either completely use smart lights or completely use traditional lights, because otherwise every door would be decorated with both a control panel for smart lights and a mechanical switch for traditional lights. This is however not necessary.


In the picture above you can see smart lights and traditional lights both controlled by a smart light control panel. Certainly, traditional lights don't have an interface as smart lights do, but just like you old analog TV can receive digital broadcasts with the help of a set-top box, traditional lights can be controlled with the help of an external smart dimmer.

Such a dimmer is basically a box that accepts 110 or 220V input voltage, allows to plug in one or several lights, and also has an interface. This dimmer does not need a potentiometer for manual operation, it receives its settings through the interface. Either the controller or the dimmer needs to know what kind of light is connected, whether it is dimmable or can only be switched on and off, then the light can be integrated into a smart lighting system.

So if you want to plan interior decoration and would like to add some lighting comfort, you can still freely choose what lights you want to use.