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Same place, different CCT, but same lights


In the above image you see two environments, one warm, one cold. Would you want to swap the color temperatures? Probably not. We are better concentrated at higher color temperatures, but lower color temperatures are more pleasant.

If you look closer, you will find that both photos were taken at the same location, the camera position and angle is identical. Simply by changing the color temperature, the same location gives us a different feeling.

Here is the best bit: We did not even change the lights. What we did change was the command we gave our Regulus luminaires, to go to low color temperature for the first and to high color temperature for the second photo. The same Regulus luminaires could also emit light at any other color temperature between the upper and lower limit, not just two extremes.

We call this freedom. Our Regulus luminaires give you the freedom to choose not only what brightness you want where, but also what color temperature you want right now.