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Our A65 wide angle bulb has not only passed the Smile MIT certification, a kind of logo program for excellent products made in Taiwan, it is now also CNS certified.

Models in this series: B13Y30A-W65,B13Y65A-W65,B10Y30C-W65,B10Y65C-W65


Those were four exciting days again during which we had the opportunity to showcase our smart lighting solutions in a simulated living environment. Thank you all for stopping by, test sitting on our couch and trying our products. We hope to hear from you again and are looking forward to our next meeting.


In the above image you see two environments, one warm, one cold. Would you want to swap the color temperatures? Probably not. We are better concentrated at higher color temperatures, but lower color temperatures are more pleasant.

If you look closer, you will find that both photos were taken at the same location, the camera position and angle is identical. Simply by changing the color temperature, the same location gives us a different feeling.

Here is the best bit: We did not even change the lights. What we did change was the command we gave our Regulus luminaires, to go to low color temperature for the first and to high color temperature for the second photo. The same Regulus luminaires could also emit light at any other color temperature between the upper and lower limit, not just two extremes.

We call this freedom. Our Regulus luminaires give you the freedom to choose not only what brightness you want where, but also what color temperature you want right now.

At this year's Taiwan International Lighting Show we will showcase our Regulus smart luminaires in a domestic environment, but you still get the chance to see the same luminaires perform a music-supported lightshow. We proudly announce that TAITRA, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council has selected our Regulus series as one of four products to be shown at their lighting application pavilion at booth M0931/33.

The title of the exhibition featuring our Regulus lights is named "Symphony of Lights". Our smart luminaires have been selected because they not only perform their regular lighting duties, adjusting brightness and color temperature individually or in groups, but also allow being controlled by music, thanks to their high-speed interface.

So if you like to see our lights dancing, we suggest visiting the TAITRA pavilion at M0931/33.


The Taiwan International Lighting Show in Taipei is approaching again. This year it will take place 25.-28.03. at the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Our focus will be on showcasing the advantages of smart lighting, which we will do at booth M0505. We welcome you to drop by, relax on our sofa and enjoy our luminaires' performance!

Taiwan's BSMI, the government standard body, has published a list of four kinds of everyday items that should now be certified, among them LED bulbs. The good news: Ours are certified, according to CNS14115, CNS15630, CNS15436 and CNS15592. More information (in Chinese) on the BSMI website.


We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth on TAIBEX 2014! It was a pleasure talking to you and we hope that our products may be of use for you. We are looking forward to the next building exhibition!


You may have heard of the Philips UID8530 wall-mount DMX512 controller. It can control separate luminaires with different color temperatures (channels 1 to 422), but also luminaires with adjustable color temperature (channel 423 and above). In case you could never find luminaires with adjustable color temperature, our Regulus smart luminaires are just that and they work just fine with the UID8530.

Contact us if you need more info.


Our YHO70 bulbs have earned the Smile MIT Logo, a certificate for quality and performance.


While this logo was made for the Taiwanese market, it is an indicator for a quality product. Contact us for more information.

Yuehsin Electronics will participate in the 26th (2014) Taipei International Building, Construction & Decoration Exhibition, which takes places 12/11-14. You can find us in the World Trade Center near 101 at booth B216. Our focus will be on demonstrating the advantages of our Regulus smart lighting series, including new models, as well as a few light sources with very low color temperatures of 2400K and 2100K.

If you have a few minutes, just drop by, try our smart luminaires and enjoy the light show they perform!